If you’re tired of being called skinny or wimp, there are steps you can take to gain more muscle naturally and reach the mass you want. The tips below will help you gain weight and build muscle are guaranteed to work.

Train Less Than An Hour

No matter what training program you are using, do it no more than one hour at a time. Focus on maintaining the intensity rather than the length of the workout. You want to work harder, not longer.


To gain muscle, you must feed your body. You have pre-programmed genetics, and if you have a very fast metabolism, then you will need to eat enough to help your body build muscle. It may take more than three meals a day. Instead, focus on consuming five to six meals which are spaced between two and three hours apart. This ensures your body is always getting food to metabolize.

better_health_and_conditionStop The Supplements

Taking supplements will not help you gain real, lean muscles. Most of these products are targeted at hard gainers who want to gain weight. These supplements will usually create water gain instead of lean muscle, and as soon as you go off them, your weight drops. Two supplements which can help are protein powder and an occasional Gatorade after a sweaty workout.

Ease Up

If you are naturally skinny, chances are you are constantly moving. Try and relax and stop fidgeting when you are outside the gym. This will help ensure your body is using its energy to build muscle, not move your body around.

Count The Calories

If you are not gaining weight, you are not eating enough. Period. Up your daily calories and focus on consuming calorie dense foods. It may even be uncomfortable as you try and force more calories into your body, but it will be worth it in the end.


While keeping your workouts under an hour, it is also important that you progress during your workouts. Build the number of reps or increase the weight you are lifting during each workout. This may be difficult, but will help ou build the muscle you want.

Change The Rep Range

Even the most dedicated get bored, so consider changing up the rep range every three to four weeks. This will help avoid plateaus and allow your body to adapt to the new stress and build more muscle.

Following these tips will help you gain more muscle naturally. Stay focused and you will get that look you want.