manIn order to grow, we must gain weight. However, the rate of weight gain must be consistent in order to stay healthy. Weight gain may increase drastically when an individual practices a certain live style. Some time there is need to lose weight and the best approach is eating some types of food.  Changing diet is the cheapest and most preferred method to manage weight gain. Some of those foods include:


They include blank beans and kidney beans mostly used to make stew. Beans are cheaper and are easily available almost in all markets .Beans are rich in proteins and fiber.  Protein requires a lot of energy to break dawn, almost the amount of energy it gives out; thus ,is mostly preferred because the energy in the body in form of fats. However, the rate of weight lose is significantly low. Individual should consume them occasionally together with protein rich foods such as sesame seeds.

Whole egg

Eggs have all nutrients that a person requires including healthy fates that are suitable for human consumption. Studies show that eggs have low count of calories. It is suitable to be taken in the morning because it makes and individual fill full all day. When losing weight , you may also lose some very important nutrient in the body;  having eggs will not only increase the rate of weight lose but also improves your immunity. Eating several eggs in short time span may be dangerous to your healthy.


Oranges and lemons contain a lot of acid that help in the burning of calories. It is entirely used by many people to lose weight since it is fast and has no side effects. Eating fruits for few monthly will help you to lose weight tough it’s always bitter. Fruits have low fat density and take long to chew. They also contain a lot of fiber that prevents sugar from being released quickly in to the blood stream.

Green leaves

Green leaves include kales, spinach, collards and few others. They are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and little count of calories. Recent research shows that green contain calcium which aid in burning of fats. Although it may take a longer time, eating green will not only help you to lose weight consistently which is recommended by many physicians but also gradually increase your immunity. Greens are also rich in vitamins and minerals.

Chili peppers

Chili peppers are common ingredients in many homes. It contains a certain nutrient called capsaicin that is proven to burn fats and reduce appetite. It might be the mostly suitable approach to food mongers. Small amount of peppers burnt tremendous amount of fats in the body. Many men like it because of its bitter taste.

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